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ANOXIA | Rock from Dundalk, MD 

Go visit my best friend (vocalist) and boyfriend (bassist) band page. Give ‘em a listen and help them reach the top of the ranking for their area. They’re currently at 7! Also, help them reach more states in the US or another country just by visiting their page. 

Check out ANOXIA! 

Help get them to number 1! Go give them a listen!


C’mon guys! It’s getting harder and harder to get local band names out there with so many local venues closing. So let’s help get this band’s name out there! Support local music! So if you’re from Edgemere, or Dundalk, or from the Dungeons, you better go to their FB page and click LIKE, then visit their Reverbnation profile and give them a listen. It only takes a second. You all *like* things such a laundry detergent, clothing lines, things that clearly need no extra recognition. And how awesome would it be to have a local band hit big? So what are you waiting for?! GO! DO IT! 

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Oh Tumblr how I miss you.. 

Work has taken me from you :[

dirtyponymonster wrote: "Ahahaa don't worry honey, i'm 24, i'll be 25 in December :) ♥ We are the Vintage Monsters ♥ #LOL"

Hahaha! Okay! I just see everyone saying they’re about 14-17 and I am just like, “Uhhhh …yeah” 

I’m probably the one of the oldest people on Tumblr. I’ll be 24 in 10 days.. 

Everyone else is like 14-17.

Oh well :]

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